Quality, Environment, PLR and IDI Policy

Javier López Bolívar as General Director of PILSA declares that the main objective of our company is:

“Design, Manage, manufacture and assemble integral solutions for hospitality companies” all with the utmost respect for the environment in which we are located and preserving the safety and health of our workers and other Interested Parties that collaborate in our work.

The general management establishes as basic points of the policy:

  • Innovation in the development of products for the hospitality industry that are at the forefront and that allows us to position ourselves advantageously both in the national and international markets.
  • Innovation and development of optimized and systematized processes through software development, which allows us to better customer service, reducing delivery times as well as incidents in the manufacturing and assembly of facilities.
  • Customer orientation: We seek the best value for our customers, in all our activities from conception to support, ensuring customer satisfaction as a result of compliance with our policy.
  • Commitment and results: We work with passion, intensity, and professionalism to make things happen.
  • Team people: Team people are the basic pillar for transmitting Pilsa’s own value, in each place, in each contact with the client; We will ensure the supervision and control of the contracted companies so that their activities do not diminish our quality and ability to provide the service.
  • Sustainability: We contribute to improving our social and physical environment, determined the appropriate controls for the protection of the environment, minimizing the environmental aspects identified in our activity.
  • Trust: We are a project with a history based on the trust we generate for our clients.
  • We comply with all legal requirements applicable to our organization and other requirements that the organization undertakes.
  • We promote the prevention of Health and Safety risks and the protection of the Environment, including the prevention of intrinsic contamination of our company
  • We continuously improve, promoting innovation and excellence, providing reliability in design and quality.

This is the statement of the policy that must be disclosed and known by all personnel working in or for this PILSA company.

Javier López Bolívar
General Director

Granada, April 2018