Machinery Manufacturing

Kitchens, Buffet…

We offer solutions with in-house custom-made machinery for the most complex and sophisticated projects: tourist complexes, hotels, restaurants and commercial establishments…

The most characteristic product of our company is the kitchen and we build them to fit the needs of the stove professionals by being sophisticated, functional and tailor-made.

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Professional Kitchenware

Cutting edge designs for kitchenware products in professional hospitality

We have available a broad range of hospitality kitchenware products to fit all the needs of your business.

We cover the needs of the whole sector by offering a broad range of products from the best brands in the market like crockery, cutlery, crystal articles, accessories, household items and furniture.

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Technical Services and Distribution

Sales and distribution, technical services and maintenance

In Pilsa, we know that the most important is to be at your side whenever you need us. We can replace and fix your equipment as quickly as possible.

Technical services, maintenance and spare parts supply at the earliest convenience always with the best service.

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Chef Consulting

Gastronomic Consultancy

Our more than 50 years of experience in the sector and our relationship with gastronomy and high-end hospitality allow us to anticipate the needs of our clients and reposition their business to be more attractive and achieve the best results.

Through a rigorous analysis and diagnostic, we will delineate strategies to evaluate the viability and needs of your enterprise while implementing a plan to achieve the agreed targets.

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